Magnus about to attack Jodie


17 April, 1157 (855) - 21 December, 2011


Sylwia East (Wife, Deceased)

Elexis Von Swartz-child (Daughter)

Corvin (Grandson)


Vampire (Pure Breed)



Killed By

Ceejay Barker (Head sliced in half)

Significant Sires

Heather Shaw

Nikki Wallis

Magnus Von Swartz-child was a feared and ancient Vampire in his time and being the father of Elexis, he is the one of the oldest and strongest Vampires seen yet. He was killed in the fight against the gang, when Ceejay sliced half his head off.


Magnus is tall and slim. He wears a long golden coat along with his family's pendant around his neck with black samuri trousers with a spiked belt. He wears thick black shoes and has his hair styled back to his head. He is very old looking and has a menacing look.

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