Welcome to the WikiEdit

Welcome To BloodLust the character and info database on the BloodLust books/Tv series.

Main CharactersEdit

Bloodlust logo

BloodLust Logo

Evan Almond, A Vampire-Demon Hybrid

Thomas Haynes, A pure breed Werewolf

Heather Shaw, A Vampire

Cordelia Chase, A Slayer

Ceejay Barker, A Vampire-Slayer Hybrid

Seasonal Big BadsEdit

Season One: Elexis Von Swartz-child

Season Two: Shelby Dyer

Season Three: Hamilton Kage

Season Four: The Beast

Season Five: The Originals

Season Six: Charificus

Season Seven: Megan Dowling

Season Eight: Devon

Season Nine: The Grim Reaper

Latest activityEdit

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